It takes me a while.

The whole Colorado shooting thing has taken me a few days to process.  Of course like many many people when I woke up to the news of the shooting my mouth hung open like a Grouper as I took all the information in about what had happened.

I was sick to my stomach and couldn’t turn away from CNN as I  also flipped channels like a maniac trying to get the newest information. 

So many questions I had — “Why why why”  “Who would take an infant and a three year old to a movie like that”  “What was a six year old doing at that kind o a movie” “Who was it” “What do you mean he said he was The Joker” “How could he order so much ammo?” 

I think I made myself sick asking so many questions we will never know answers to.

Then the media and idiots like Joe  Scarborough make blanket statements regarding the shooter — he says he knew it was a young white male, from an affluent neighborhood who is disconnected from society who probably has autism.

At that point I turned the TV off.

You see I know many many people who have autistic kids who are adults and who don’t go around mowing down people at a theater thinking they are The Joker.  This is clearly the work of an incredibly disturbed individual who has something more going on in his head than we will probably ever know. 

I have specific feelings about gun control that I am keeping to myself and refuse to engage anyone about, as they are personal to me.

We will never know why.

My heart just goes out to anyone involved in this situation, and of course to the victims, their families, and their friends.

Has our world turned into just a very dangerous place, or has it always been this way and we just know about it more because of the media.

2 thoughts on “It takes me a while.

  1. I had many of those same questions as well as–how did the buying of all those weapons(including a military style assault weapon able to fire 50-60 rounds PER MINUTE) and that arsenal of ammo not set off some kind of red flag? How can people justify the paucity of regulations on firearms when we have tons of licenses, registrations and rules governing motor vehicles? (yes, I do know that the 2nd amendment provides for arming for a militia, which seems a lot different from what people are doing) That said, I've completely given up on gun control. There are simply too many firearms in too many people's hands and no one knows when or where they'll use them. This same scenario will play out again and over and over again because nothing will change. Next year it'll be a mall or a school or another theater, who knows?

  2. I do think the media has provided a "stage" for those people who want to be famous…famous for being evil. I think Evil has always been around but now it is so much easier for those sick people to do mass distruction. Sad state of the world these days.

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