Wordless Wednesday

This is the place where I have the ability to laugh at me and more importantly laugh at you.

You think I don’t – but really I do.

I am pretty much like every other writer out in the world who feels like they have something important to say —

Opinions, thoughts, knee-jerk reactions, emotions, commentary, did I say opinions?

The funny part is there’s nothing incredibly exciting about them other than they are mine.

My vices are few- icy cold caffeine free diet Dr. Pepper. Homemade freshly baked bread straight out of the oven slathered with butter. Bacon with anything.

Freshly cut grass, the first five seconds of gasoline fumes, laundry right off the line or right out of the dryer, brand new babies, brewed coffee, roasted garlic, men who smell delicious, – that makes me happy.

People who are mean on purpose, vomit, waiting in line, bad drivers, and the who make fun of the elderly, the disabled, or the mentally ill, or who are homophobic or racist just plain suck.

That’s all got.

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