So my Great Great Grandfather…..

Was up in Port Angeles doing my genealogy thing and discovered that my Great Great Grandfather on my Mom’s side of the family was not only a sea captain but he sold liquor to the Indians many times and was prosecuted for it!


The story goes, that’s how he met my Great Great Grandmother, who was either the Chiefs daughter, or the daughter of the tribes medicine man.  He stole her I tell ya!  He stole her! 

The stories are getting better and better and better.

If you want to read about my other Great Grandfather, he was the Sheriff of Clallam County in the late 30’s to early 40’s and he was one of the key folks who cracked the case of The Lady of The Lake.

I just love history and genealogy.

Can’t wait to piece together my native connection — I feel a pow wow comming on!

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