I Give To You These Violets…

My Great Grandfather was an amazing man — my mother and father both have shared with me funny, sad, poignant, and rib tickling stories about Grandpa Charlie.

When he died he told my father that he wanted the following on his gravestone:

“I give to you these violets
in token that I’m glad we mets
I hope we may already yet once
again together get.”

And so my father above all is always true to his word indeed had his gravestone reflect my Grandfather’s last wishes.

My eyes get wet every time I read those words, as they make me happy.

He died the year I was born and I can’t help but think I would have adored him and he me.

One thought on “I Give To You These Violets…

  1. I bet you would have been his favorite….I miss my grandma so much. She was such a sweet lady and whenever I see or smell lilacs, I think of her.

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