Blogging with the help of Siri :)

My iPad makes reading blogs fun and easy. Commenting can be a little challenging but I think I figured that out. What I’m trying this morning is blogging via my iPad with the help of Siri. So for fun I am going to dictate to Siri what I’d like to say in my blog post. Right now I am speaking very slowly so Siri can make sure she records and writes everything I say correctly. This should be hilarious because I’m not going to correct any of her mistakes:)

Here goes nothing-

My dreams over the past three weeks have been incredibly interesting. Mr. words and I have decided to go on a mostly plant-based diet for health reasons. By nature of a carnivore and if it’s pork, chicken, beef, turkey if it’s me I’ll eat it. That’s crap I’ll stop three weeks ago. Our diet is 70% plant based with fish wants or twice a week. Aside from dreaming about cuts of beef and bacon I spent a lot of time in the bathroom.

My dreams have been vivid and all revolving around meat. Big huge slabs of meat with lots of A1 sauce and times of bacon piled high to the sky.

(Wow Siri is not doing too badly ah?)

I dreamed I was wearing a bacon dress. In another dream I was wearing chicken breast earrings that were hanging from my ears and made my ears hurt.

As of late I’ve been sautéing are grilling portobello mushrooms so I could have something that was like me but it’s really not the same even though I love Portabella mushrooms.

Okay enough about me I’m sick of talking about me. (The word me should really be meet)

Really any of you with an iPad that has Siri with it should try this cause it’s hysterical I think of Poolie every time I do this:)

The naked bike ride was a couple days ago- I honestly think because I live in the great Pacific Northwest but I’m just really hip chick and I’m cool enough to be comfortable with the naked bike rent.

I’m so not cool and I’m really not comfortable with the naked bike run.

As supportive as I try to be of all my friends who do this I realize I’m just an old lady.

I’m sorry they’re just something that you shouldn’t do naked. One of them is bending over to pick up anything. I don’t care how hot are rocking body you have watching someone bend over to pick up soap, The newspaper, I’ll paper tower off the floor is just damn gross. You also shouldn’t attempt cooking anything naked, going outside to your mailbox Oregon back to picking up a newspaper. I don’t want to see you working out, on your treadmill, on your stationary bicycle, or your elliptical machine for that matter. Don’t put your sweaty butt cheeks on my leather couch, or for that matter sit on anything in my house without underwear on.

There’s too much jiggling, sweating, and weird stuff that happens when we’re naked. I just don’t like it.

Maybe it’s me with the body issues but I think being naked should be reserved for having sex, taking a bath, taking a shower, skinny-dipping.

Toddlers can run around naked now that’s cute. It stops being cute after about age 3.

I used to think I was so cool:). I’ve suddenly become my mother:)

This Siri function is pretty great- I could get used to it. I will have to however learn how to slow down the speed of my speech and make sure that my pronunciation and diction are clear.

Wow I didn’t realize how tired I am of typing. Ha ha! Hey wait I put in like 25 Ha ha ha and Siri only recorded to. So now Siri is the ha ha police?

Okay my dream from last night is coming back to me although it did have me and it wasn’t as heavy on the meet as it normally have been.

I dreamed I was calling my mom and my sister who we’re staying at my moms house. It was pouring down rain when I arrived and they were telling me where they were in the house. I’m not sure why that was important but what. They had all these cell phones in front of them I couldn’t figure out which one was ringing. My mother was upset because my father was traveling on business and didn’t call her the night before.

Then my dream flashed forward to a dream with my sister-in-law and we went to this really weird Chinese restaurant. We had to climb 10 flights of stairs to get up to the restaurant and I was surprised myself because I made it to the top without being winded.

They didn’t even offer any Chinese food.

I woke up.

This post was brought to you by Siri. All grammatical mistakes are hurtful. ( her fault) and yes you have to say the word parentheses to make one.

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    • I kind of thought you’d like that. Okay so now I want you to take the Siri challenge:) You have Siri on your phone don’t you? Ha ha . It was really quite fun.

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