Rude people and homophobic people SUCK! Or rather than can SUCK it!



The Tony awards are on tonight- I love them! I also love Neil Patrick Harris – He’s just an amazing entertainer all the way around.

I was texting with a friend ? of mine? ( Well – not really a friend. I’m not sure what she is to be honest) And I was saying how much I enjoyed the Tony awards and I love Neil Patrick Harris.

Her reply to me was:

“I used to love him but now he’s too flaming. Really I don’t care that he’s gay I just don’t want it thrown in my face like he does once they come out the gays just go crazy”

My mouth hung open as I read the text.

My reply back was-

“How rude can you be?”

This ensued a conversation about how she didn’t mean it. And how she didn’t really feel that way. And that we were all entitled to our own opinions. The backpedaling was nauseating.

I told her I thought it was a crock of shit.

She knows she feels that way- She’s homophobic, I’m pretty sure she’s also a racist, And a hard-core Republican. And I’m really glad that we’re not friends.

God – need I say more?

Granted, not all Republicans are that way- But she’s giving all Republicans even the nice ones a about a bad name.

She can just plain suck it.

3 thoughts on “Rude people and homophobic people SUCK! Or rather than can SUCK it!

  1. The minute anyone says, “all — are…” he or she is moving out of my regard. Every group has good and bad, as well as mostly good with a quirk or two. And, as one astute person said many years ago, “no matter what group you are in, there is always someone you wish was on the other side.”

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