Letting Go With Love


I had hoped that as I approached middle age that all the drama that we experience in middle school, high school and college would go by the wayside. 

I didn’t realize how mean spirited middle age women could be.  I continue to learn new stuff every day.

What I have taken away from this is that my responsibility is to make my amends, accept responsibility for my crap, keep my side of the street clean, and move on.

So I did.

It’s all about letting go with love — meaning not hating their guts, wanting to kick their asses, and hoping they get hit by a bus. 🙂




4 thoughts on “Letting Go With Love

  1. It’s still hard though, isn’t it? Mostly because people can let us down and hurt our feelings. BTW – I LOVE my new Converse wings! Thank you! mwah! Also – it looks like the book club gathering at my house will be Sat. July 13th – some time in the afternoon. Would you prefer to be my Facetime or my Skype option?

  2. I rather imagine that women who were bitchy as adolescents remain that way well into middle age. They never take the time to learn any different. Of course, even the kindest woman — like you, for instance — is entitled to get snarky as she gets a little older. I, of course, am entitled to be even snarkier.

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