I do everything in technicolor. Kind of like those flowers above. I am trying to figure out what that means – technicolor.

To me it means I do everything big like Texas hair in the 80’s.

When I cook it’s great and there’s tons of it. When I entertain its always a big deal. When I dream it’s in technicolor- I can taste, feel, smell and feel. When I give (whether it be my love, my time, or what have you) it’s big. I have a big ole heart that I wear on my sleeve and an ass to match. I wear loud colors, big diamonds, and I always smell delicious.

There’s just no missing me.

I am told I am the giver of energy. That’s probably why I am tired a lot because I allow people to suck the life out of me.

Oh who knows if I buy into all that “stuff”.

I know I probably should have had red hair to match my temperament and personality.

“Your too emotional” They say

“I’m must being myself”, I reply.

And so it goes.