Why does time seem to fly by?



always have the best intentions. In fact, my best intentions are either at night or when I find myself busy with “other stuff“(work) that think about writing aboputting pen to paper and writing.

My friend Poolie  writes almost daily. She tells me she writes almost daily with strong coffee, soft music and incense.  She said its almost like a prayer. I can see where I need to incorporate some of that discipline in my life – a way to begin my day or end my day.

There’s many things I should be doing:

meditation, prayer, exercise 7 days a week of some kind, 8 glasses of water a day – the list goes on. And I keep meaning to do those things but I don’t always make the mark.

Instead I’m going to rock out to really loud music with my guitar hero guitar in my pajamas with some serious bedhead 🙂