It’s all fresh – nice to meet you 2014

The idea of being 50 is just weird. The truth is in less than six months I’ll be 51. One of the creepy things about getting older is that the time goes by much faster – oh, and things from my childhood appear much smaller. For instance my childhood home seemed like a huge house but really was a small bungalow. Waiting for Christmas was always something that seemed to take forever. I couldn’t wait to turn 10, or 13, 16, or 18, or even 21. Looking back I want to say that I was even excited to turn 25. I’m not sure when time began to pass me as if I were standing still but it did. I the blink of a eye days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. Months turned into years and before I knew it three decades have passed since high school.


So what I’m trying to say is I welcome 2014 with open arms. My hope is not to make or keep resolutions so much as my goals is to learn something new every day, embrace each day fully, be grateful for my time on planet earth, love my family and my friends to really stop and smell the roses and experiences that we all have.