I hate waiting

I hate waiting.

The endless blood tests. And then we wait. The parade of doctors. And then we wait. More conversations-And we wait some more. More scans, x-rays, and more medical tests.

And then we wait.

And we wait…

And we wait again some more.

We hear a lot ” I don’t know ” or ” It could be…” or ” It might be” or ” It’s probably not this.” or ” It’s probably not that”

And then we wait again.

And then we worry while we wait.

We watch people come and go. It’s incredibly frightening when we watch people go in and their families are called into the “quiet room” – Which should really be called the doom room. There is never any good news that is given in the quiet room. In fact it should be changed to the sobbing hysterically room. Because that’s the sound that you hear from the quiet room is typically people sobbing hysterically.

Finally it’s our turn- We hear the opinions, and thoughts, and we make a plan-

And then we wait some more.