You know you do it…


When I read this I laughed until my sides hurt. My name should really be “inappropriate Annie”. I can’t remember when I realized I had this warped view of the world — but I do. It’s more than snarkines.

For instance Mr. Wordsjustfly and me ( or is it I?) have overhauled our diets. We are super focused on our health. (Being in AARP land does that do you) Anyhow we were out having dinner together with words junior. Looking around at who else was having a dinner alongside us — I began to notice some really large people — the wait staff seemed like vultures circling their kill almost salivating that they had rotund people in their establishment. Encouraging their large patrons to order two or three appetizers, huge entrees, and lots of dessert. It was crazy.

And all I could do was laugh. Isn’t that horrible? I literally saw dollar signs circling the heads of the wait staff as I thought to myself this place loves it when fat people come in – more money in their pockets.

And I began to laugh. I laughed so much I actually unnerved myself…

Sometimes I creep myself out – like that Radiohead song:

“I’m creep – I’m a weirdo – what the hell am I doing here…”

One thought on “You know you do it…

  1. For a real picture of the food mindset in this country, take yourself to an all-you-can-eat buffet. Not only adults, but children also, are dangerously overweight and still stuffing their faces because they want to get their money’s worth.

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