Jonesing for pancakes


I hate pancakes.  They are just too too pancakey! The whole butter syrup smooshy texture is just gross. Blech.

Of course for the past 11 days I have shifted my diet – no grains, no pork, no beef, very little poultry, no dairy except for plain Greek yogurt, no bread. Fresh vegetables, nuts and fruit.

Sound fun?

Don’t fool yourself – its not. Not right now anyhow. “They” tell me my palette will change and I will soon love this new way of eating.

All I know is that I have been craving goddamn pancakes. Heaps and heaps of them laden with hot maple syrup topped off with big knobs of butter. I think about them several times a day.

I’d rather eat my boogers.

Well maybe not my boogers but you get the gist.

Being healthy ain’t for weak and feeble minded.


2 thoughts on “Jonesing for pancakes

  1. I haven’t had pancakes since I stopped making them myself. (Mine were better.) I have no craving for maple syrup. But — I’m sure you don’t believe this — I still eat butter because it’s better for my health.

    Every patient is different. 8)

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