It’s February You Say?

It’s February already.  Where the hell did January go? I ordered and put together a new chair and I hate it.  I don’t even know why I bought it.  But I did and now I need to make it work.


I continue to read blogs three days a week.  My commenting has stopped and come to a complete standstill.  I used to worry that if I stopped commenting those who I read would be angry.  Now I am not really worrying about that so much.

What’s bothering me lately is my lack of motivation to write.  I have all of these words in my head.  Lots of words – 


They need to be written, and uploaded and off my plate.

Yet I digress.

My weekends have been full of “stuff”.  Some really good stuff.  Other stuff not so great.  It always works out but going through the motions is sometimes frustrating.

We have discovered, met and brought a new person into our lives.  We really love her, she’s probably one of the sweetest souls our family has ever met.  She cares about all of us — especially our son, and that’s the most important thing in the world to us.

Energy is flying in many different directions.

Many many directions.

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